Do You Know What is Blog Commenting sites? – A Practical Guide for Bloggers


What is Blog Commenting? : Blog Commenting Sites list 2016

Every Seo or webmaster know about importance of bloggers and why need what is blog commentingback link for his website traffic. SEO’s and Webmasters know that, “Blog Commenting” is one of the most popular and effective ways to get high quality backlinks. Blog commenting also helps to drive huge referral traffic to your blog. And it also helps to build a strong online community & good relation with other bloggers. Now-a-days, it also helps to build your brand and make yourself well-known in blogging industry. But finding the right blogs to drop comments is not really easy, especially for newbie bloggers. You can use some tricks, get helps from search engines and some other tools to find similar blogs in your niche. please read full  article “What is Blog Commenting” ?

 Why Do Blog Commenting ? :

You probably realized why blog commenting is essential to blogs. What is Blog Commenting? The communication and exchange of thoughts and ideas between the blog post, bloggers and visitors is already an effective way of knowledge sharing. There are other benefits to both blog owners and blog readers. Bloggers, blog site owners and the blog post itself benefits from blog commenting. Blog comments will keep the blog post updated – search engine loves updated contents. Regularly updated contents have a better chance of getting higher rank on search engine results – thus it is good for SEO. The blog post increases its value and importance because of user-contributed contents (their comments), considering that your visitors left sensible and relevant comments which will add to your existing contents.

"What is Blog Commenting" sites? - Blog Commenting Benefits :

Blog commenters benefits in leaving comments on blog posts you should take experience of What is blog commenting site.Obviously, both bloggers and web site owners may also become commenters on other blogs. Web site owners and bloggers can increase the inbound links to their site through blog commenting. As you might have noticed, the blog commenting systems of blogging platform such as WordPress (which we also use to power this blog) have the Name, Email and URL fields. By including your website’s URL on the URL field, you’re leaving a link back to your website. Blog commenting is actually a very effective way to get backlinks and an essential ingredient for search engine optimization. For SEO purposes, we made lists of blog commenting sites together with dofollow blogs list.
Blog commenters may ask questions and answers through comments and replies from the author, or from other readers who may share related information.

How to Find Similar Blogs? - What is Blog Commenting sites? :


Number#1 | Using Google

Google is the most popular search engine in the world and we can utilize Google to find similar blogs. Using some search quires/strings you can easily find similar blogs. what is blog commenting site list with high pr my other site are showing list.

At first go to the Google and search using these quires.

Keyword “Leave a comment” Keyword “Comment here” Keyword “Add comment” Keyword “Powered by WordPress” Keyword “You may use these HTML tags and attributes” Keyword “Post a comment” Keyword “Notify me of follow-up comments ” Keyword “Notify me of new posts” Keyword “Leave a Reply” Note: You can check this list to get more than 10,000 Search Queries to find similar blogs, sites, forums, social bookmarking sites, .edu sites, .gov sites to create backlinks. Number#2 | Using Social Networking Sites Facebook – Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site and you can utilize Facebook to find similar niche blogs. Search for similar Group on Facebook and join in those Group. You will get similar blogs on those groups. You can also search using your topic and hash tag on Facebook to find similar niche blogs. Twitter – Twitter is also a great source to find similar blogs. You can search using your niche on Twitter to find similar blogs. Google Plus – Google Plus is another great source to find similar blogs. You will find several Communities on Google+ on your niche, join on those Communities to find similar blogs. You can also search on Google Plus using Hashtag to find similar blogs. Disqus  - Discus is a mature comment management system and perhaps the most used amongst bloggers and website owners. Whether you are using Disqus for the first time or migrating from other commenting systems, integrating Disqus with your website can be fairly simple. Right after you’ve signed up with Disqus, do check out the Import / Export section to find out more instructions on how to import your existing comments from various platforms (WordPress, Blogger, Movable Type, or other commenting systems) to Discus.

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