WHAT ABOUT NEW NEWS FOR SOCIALTRADE BIZ? – सोसल ट्रेड के नए न्यूज़ क्या हैं

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सोसल ट्रेड के नए न्यूज़ क्या हैं 

Dear All,
Points discussed during the Date of 30.11.16 th meeting with Mr Anubhav Mittal and some of the promising statements he made at Delhi.

1. Socialtrade and INTMAART is gettinng integrated for the best!

2.Steps are being taken to see to that once the invoice is generated with in half an hour the will be credited to the bank account. – Testing with bank in progress.

3. Facebook will be blocked and will be replaced with Socialtrade Page.

4. New ST Website with lot of new features shortly in about a weeks time.

5. Payment gateway will be integrated into the website soon but because of the demonitisation the talks with banks have been delayed.

Anubhav Mittal’s speech was electrifying and here are some of the statements he made

Lot of great news will be in the coming days and every ST member are going be benefited in a big way.

Please wait for 2 weeks maximum.Do not to panic on the current issues.

He has told all to” write down the dreams and I promise people can fulfil through Socialtrade.”

There are 39,000 pincodes in total and INTMAART will be the only one which will reach all the pincodes in India.

Do not mind the negativity around you stop you. Just think of your Dream and move ahead with full confidence.

INTMAART is the first S – Commerce website which is a merger of social media and e- Commerce.

There are 5 lakh members as of now

His final words, world will watch Ablaze shortly.

Some amazing points!

Ablaze promises to follow all the regulations of the government once it Regulates the network marketing industry.

Mr Anubhav Mittal met the 3rd Secretary of our PM Mr Narendra Modi Mr Bhaskar and Ablaze will be associated with digital india movement in Chandigarh as pilot launch.

In INTMAART all products will be unique.

Mr Sridhar who has 26yrs of experience and who was a part of amway is now the COO of Ablaze.

ST believes in quality and not in quantity.

Talks are on with flip cart with some kind of collaboration which we will know soon.- We will get e-points when we purchase from flipkart and other e-commerce portal as well.

ST soon will be in everyone’s blood!!!

Be confident while sharing ST Plan to prospects.

Mr anubhav Mittals speech will be in YouTube shortly. Yesterday he has given future plans in a press meet.

For More information please contact with me 7827773043

Sponsor id – 61696607

Contact how to join in socialtrade

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